Open Competitions – General

As a commitment to our members, this area is available to writing groups who are members of NAWG and are running an open creative writing competition, so that they might advertise their competition to others, free of charge.

Other groups or associations who are not members will be charged a fee for the privilege. Starting on the 1st October 2014, the fee for a one off submisson will be £10.00. Should you require further submissions throughout the year, the fee of £30.00 will cover all advertisements for 12 months following payment.

Or, you may now pay by PayPal.

Choose Advert's timespan

All payments should be made by cheque, payable to NAWG and sent to:

65 Riverside Mead
Peterborough, PE2 8JN


Here is a summary of the open writing competitions. Click on the titles to view the details.

Closing Date Competition
10-Oct-2014 Poised Pen – On-line Flash Fiction
31-Oct-2014 NAWG – Open Competitions 2014
30-Nov-2014 InkTears – Short Story Competition 2014
31-Dec-2014 Labello – 3rd International Short Story Competition
31-Dec-2014 Open Day Writing Competition
01-Feb-2015 Home-Start Support & Friendship for Families
01-Feb-2015 Plymouth Writers Group – Open Fiction Competition 2014/15
Park Publications – Writing opportunities all year round
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Hi I'm trying to copy details of the competiti… 18-Dec-11 Jennifer Margrave Comment Approved 762
  Hello Jennifer We don't at present have a 'print… 18-Dec-11 Pam Fish Comment Approved 763
couple of months ago I entered the National Asso… 14-Dec-11 Pingback Approved 744
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