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List of First Lines

Are you stuck for an opening line to your story or poem? Perhaps this handy list can provide you with some inspiration.

There are 416 to choose from in the list below.

  1. "You nearly died out there and I'm not going to let it happen again."
  2. He wound his way up the steep craggy slope of the mountain upon which the castle was perched.
  3. Ethel always liked to waltz before getting down to the real business of the evening, dissection.
  4. "I didn't mean to break the rules," she offered in defence.
  5. "Eat your food," said the munchkin tapping his ruby red shoes together.
  6. She can see the glint and the glow of the sunlight filtering through the water when she suddenly realises that they had made a truly horrible mistake.
  7. The judge gave him ten years.
  8. You only have 365 minutes left to live he thought gleefully.
  9. Looking outside the window all he could see, in whatever direction he looked, was a formless grey.
  10. John rode his strong white steed up to the Gates of Despair, where he knew he would have to face the dread goblin Maurice.
  11. Limpets deserve the vote.
  12. Alfred had abnormally long feet and they helped him in his chosen career as a trapeze artist, enabling him to grip the bars easier and hang for longer periods of time.
  13. Accepting her carton of mushy peas and mint sauce from the van, Sarah turned away and pushing through the crowd of people she looked out into the fair.
  14. The initial symptoms began as an itch between my shoulder blades.
  15. He may of course refuse the union but he would have to make redress by providing a kiss, a pair of silk gloves and one hundred gold pennies.
  16. Yeah, well, you can't always get what you want.
  17. Who knows what the beast might bring on a dark windswept night.
  18. The dragon began to make her next move, once completed she smiled up at the knight and in sibilant tongue whispered "checkmate".
  19. Placing a red cross next to the line he sealed the termination of his most important operative.
  20. The preacher was found dead in his study one lone Sunday morning.
  21. It's a well-known fact that succubae don't exist, try telling that to Harry though.
  22. He began to panic as he realised that the earplugs wouldn't come out of his ears, they felt as if they'd implanted themselves.
  23. This latest case was driving him crazy.
  24. The old tyrant must be really panicked to write such a letter as this, he usually was content to leaving his dirty work to various minions and agents, manipulating his family from his chair as best he could.
  25. Like many of the unfortunate events that have befallen them, hindsight was twenty twenty.
  26. She picked the largest present from the pile before and began to tear away the paper.
  27. The warfare was savage with atrocities committed by all sides.
  28. Our neighbours will be the death of me, thought Neil.
  29. "Do you love me," cried the despairing witch as the crowd dragged her away.
  30. He realised it was too good to last, nobody was trying to kill him and he was enjoying a rare night of sleep, the first night of such sleep since he'd been sent to this hellish place.
  31. Her voice cracked revealing to all of them just how fragile she was and how close to breaking.
  32. There is more to life than bills.
  33. 'Return to sender' read the bold black writing across the cranium of the skull.
  34. Conformity is a type of cowardice.
  35. The road was lined with well preserved railway workers' cottages.
  36. Look I can't even tell you what branch of the government she works for, but our paths crossed back when I was in the military.
  37. We decided to get married at the registry office in Blackburn.
  38. When he had tired of her he ordered that she be bricked up in the east tower, she was no longer to have congress with anybody in the castle.
  39. The meal was eaten, not in silence but in forced conversation.
  40. "Outwitted your guards, huh?"
  41. I know them as well as members of my family.
  42. The last sound he heard was the explosion.
  43. A cello is a very unusual murder weapon.
  44. He stroked the soft red velvet of her dress.
  45. Red, the colour of the sun at it's most malignant; red the colour of Teena's wedding gown; red the colour of her hair as it moved from blonde to pink to red as the blood spread -- Red.
  46. The building was home to the infamous Russian team rooms where rebel sympathizers had gathered in secret.
  47. "What's an extra day matter?"
  48. Amethyst crystals sparkled and whispered softly to themselves.
  49. My home is an odd shaped cardboard box.
  50. There was always that gut feeling that he was meant for something more and if he was patient bided his time, it would just happen.
  51. "Are you going to the Halloween bash?"
  52. "Your wish is my command," he bowed with a flourish and then took my hand in his.
  53. And in the doorway stood a familiar figure, one that Steve knew, and had known many years ago.
  54. Guatemala was unseasonably hot for the time of the year and Steven had to go back to the hotel for a change of clothing.
  55. There was another realisation that day, one that had long been buried because there had never been a reason to examine it.
  56. The girl adjusted her pink baby doll.
  57. "Aidan don't do this, you don't know what you're becoming."
  58. The smell of the killing ground forced itself upon her.
  59. Tornadoes twist and shout.
  60. The technological breakthrough came when they were able to clone the Prime Minister.
  61. The detective wanted his doughnut but it was missing from his desk.
  62. Steve stood and watched the Morris men dancing for all of 5 minutes before leaving to find a pub.
  63. When you look at the branches of a tree what do you see, do you see simply a piece of wood or do you recognise all the possibilities, uses and futures therein.
  64. They appeared to be the most ordinary of families.
  65. Time travel will take you places no airplane can.
  66. It's got a dead thing at the bottom of the glass.
  67. Writers are secret psychopaths.
  68. Jen found out she was pregnant from a one night stand.
  69. The first step is always the hardest, and the one most full of regrets.
  70. A nasty chuckle sent shivers crawling up his spine, and he yelped as the hand on his left arm tightened painfully.
  71. Hours and hours of television viewing in his childhood hadn't turned him into an idiot or a sociopath.
  72. They were moved about a lot as children.
  73. He refused to believe he was over-reaching himself or playing god, he knew, in his own mind, that he was right in his actions.
  74. Steps leading to nowhere.
  75. The new doctor wasn't a patch on the last thought his assistant.
  76. "What, you're giving dating advice from beyond the grave now?"
  77. The toy soldiers charged the rag dolls, laughing hysterically.
  78. The thing that had persuaded him to enter the competition was the slogan that read 'at the end, when everybody else has been eliminated, you get to pick what prize you most desire.'
  79. This was the entire greeting there was between them after such long absence.
  80. The window had been left open.
  81. A sharp needle unexpectedly connects with my right hip and I try to move away from it without success.
  82. The funniest part was, it didn't scare him as much as it should have.
  83. Saturday night at the movies was always a good place for a kiss and a cuddle.
  84. Fog, swirling and thick, bringing dampness in its wake, marked the entrance to the cave.
  85. In any other situation, the organization of the attack would have been admirable.
  86. The whispered words were too much for him.
  87. She was cute and baby like when she wasn't being a hell fiend.
  88. I watched Steve as the bbq sauce ran down his fingers.
  89. The weasel crept along the side of the room.
  90. He couldn't believe that Tony was willing to give someone like him a second chance, a chance to make up for all of the mistakes he had made in his life.
  91. "Oh, a mere butterfly's wing."
  92. Franz was a power hungry rat.
  93. She began to shiver as she ventured further down the stairs.
  94. It was a simple ceremony, just friends and family.
  95. The dragon's gold was fought over by the warriors at an annual tournament.
  96. For some reason, this strikes me as being absurdly funny and I begin to laugh.
  97. The killing in the shadows went well.
  98. Music of a sort, but it felt as though we weren't alone, as if there was a third presence in the room, guiding our dance.
  99. "Your wish is my command," he bowed with a flourish and then took my hand in his own.
  100. A boot in his ribs shoving him over onto his stomach, made him realise how stupid he had been to assume he was alone.
  101. The House of the Wolf welcomed its youngest son home.
  102. The very last temptation was the blood that dripped down his fangs.
  103. Gazing into the entrance to the forest she didn't realise that many unseen eyes were gazing back at her, with hatred.
  104. No-one saw him leave but me.
  105. Bill put his sunglasses back on before starting the trek down the dune onto the beach below.
  106. "Can you please keep still while I'm trying to kill you," he scolded.
  107. He listened carefully as the sounds of the jungle around him fell silent and dark.
  108. Ethel always liked to waltz before getting down to the real business of the evening, dissection.
  109. The carnival was even creepier when it was deserted.
  110. He watched as she danced around the room with her partner, she should have been dancing with him but he'd made that one fatal error.
  111. The old man continued up the path until he reached the top, over the years he'd gotten to know every step of the path.
  112. The weather was perfect for a game of croquet.
  113. I needed the language of a politician to defend it.
  114. This was the final farewell to the life that I had lived for the last 20 years.
  115. It was the evening that she would never forget, a bright blue evening of July, and the evening that her husband asked her to perjure herself to keep him from prison.
  116. Frankie the green balloon nudged the red one -- "look at that," he said.
  117. They raised a glass to his death.
  118. There was black, black and blacker.
  119. She settled down to read the further adventures of rat and mole.
  120. In his lifetime he was famous for sailing from Wales to Devon in a stone coffin, quite a singular type of craft don't you think?
  121. "You are far too reserved for your own good," he told her, "you just aren't cut out to be a dancer."
  122. Each day of the week represents some activity for Lou, and Wednesday, well Wednesday is laundry day.
  123. When Sam was left at the steps of the foundling hospital, his mother in her grief left nothing more than a poem to describe her feelings.
  124. For the past three years, Harry Samuels had been working as a valet at the prestigious Belvedere Hotel.
  125. We have a Rhiannon approaching, it's quite scary how although she's just a little cat, she so resembles her larger wilder cousins.
  126. He was proud as he received the tattoo that proclaimed his journey into adulthood.
  127. An unnatural blue light emanated from his pocket watch.
  128. Please hold me for the last time.
  129. Your cruelty only serves to excite me.
  130. Manly labour always gave him a chance to clear his head.
  131. The tree stood alone on the crown of the desolate hill.
  132. The doctor had a tired, overworked look about him.
  133. He wore an outlandish outfit, not unlike those in the pictures on the wall.
  134. From there, it only took about two more minutes before all conversation was forgotten.
  135. Tom shook his head in annoyance, yet another cold case had landed on his desk.
  136. Over the years, I've probably picked it up dozens of times and put it back again.
  137. I am surrounded by people I love.
  138. "I don't know this dance," Eloise said as she was pulled to her feet.
  139. The lift walls reverberated and shimmered around her.
  140. The cathedral had led a chequered history, having been at various points in its lifetime a court for trial for Protestants, a bakery and a pig sty.
  141. She stopped drinking because of the letter.
  142. The hole spread out below her, frightening in its intensity.
  143. The colour blue soothed him, made him feel at peace.
  144. There are histories of long dead ghosts and monsters, each story whispering on the wind, if you can only hear them.
  145. The little girl tried to eat her ice cream by spreading it over her face.
  146. The brochure advertised private villas with pools, but the reality was very different.
  147. They say that spirits are unquiet but that's not true of Calvin, he's a very quiet spirit, it's possible this may have something do with the fact that I severed his vocal cords when I killed him.
  148. In every direction there was nothing but pink.
  149. She ticked off another day in her diary.
  150. "Did you order soup?" asked the waiter.
  151. The pepper pot asked the salt pot for the last dance of the evening.
  152. Torches are lit and dancing takes place to the chanting and signing throughout the night.
  153. "There are many shades of blue in the universe," Tom told her, but she was no longer able to hear.
  154. Who knew that she would become so famous?
  155. A pair of malevolent eyes peered through the crack in the door.
  156. His apprentice approached the dark side of the building with hesitant and quiet footsteps.
  157. Oz watched the moon go down.
  158. "Positive vibes," he muttered to himself as he headed out towards the arena.
  159. Slobbery, slippery, sneaky cat.
  160. George felt that was a perfect place to start.
  161. Jan ducked as the table went sailing over her head.
  162. Turning on the radio, I tune into an oldies station and I remember my father and his love of the Beatles.
  163. There had been less than a second of warning (and by 'warning' he meant a small but alarming shift beneath his feet, enough time to grip his gun), before the ground had crumbled beneath him.
  164. I jump, tackle and manage to disarm him before he can draw his gun.
  165. Selling the property out from underneath his sisters was not something that he really wanted to contemplate, but he would if he couldn't pay of his gambling debts.
  166. I offer him the herbal tea he seems to like so very much and then address the subject.
  167. The sun was starting to set as they reached the cove.
  168. The writer always found the drawing of blood lessened his writer's block whether it was metaphorical or not.
  169. Edgar, the vampire stalked his prey for a year before making himself known.
  170. "All was not what it seemed when you left"... What did that comment mean, particularly following the events of the previous week?
  171. Norman the Journalist, meets Jasmyn the Posh Totty, in the Anchor public house.
  172. The two bit hoodlum peered around the corner at the doll.
  173. A place of execution is never a field of flowers.
  174. They promised he would be released once he had signed a statement of allegiance to the new king.
  175. She stroked her hand down the silky fabric.
  176. Leonard, the luscious lycanthrope lingered softly and lazily over the floral scented female lying on the next to him.
  177. She intended to bring back a suitcase full of memories.
  178. "Why are you scared of her?"
  179. You knew he would return and changed the locks on the doors.
  180. The God remembered long ages of green darkness when his followers had forgot him.
  181. Killing Bill nightly was one of her favourite pastimes.
  182. The season of renewal had only just begun, but against all odds it had brought a sliver of hope with it.
  183. She looked into the mirror and laughed long and hard.
  184. The bed might have seemed incredibly lonely but at least it didn't have sharp angles or an inclination to kick.
  185. Professional nail care for gents and ladies.
  186. The day started with another murder.
  187. It was so dry it sucked the moisture out of her face.
  188. Her eyes and mouth were drawn downward as if weighted by lead.
  189. This is the story of a billion dollar project.
  190. Flowers have meaning but Nick never expected Tony to present him with blue daisy.
  191. Odin glanced over at the Norns and smiled.
  192. The air was as grey as the wet rocks upon which he stood.
  193. He came out of retirement to take on the case.
  194. Tammy the Cherry sat at the bottom of the cocktail glass.
  195. The adjective bounced the noun off the page.
  196. She was a child of the Beltane fires, the light of its flames glinting in her hair.
  197. The wind whispered softly through the hills.
  198. Old habits die hard as Josh knew well.
  199. Michael the bright blue beetle skateboarded down the side of the bath.
  200. Softly oh so softly the silk shawl slid down her shoulders to the floor, as her head was wrenched back.
  201. Sleep meant escape.
  202. On one night alone 36,000 people died.
  203. The young shaman was caught out in the open, his only defence being his powers.
  204. She walked into the joint like a demonic dormouse.
  205. Sam sighed as the knife sliced through the flesh.
  206. Wholly unromantic, given what I was trying to do, certainly not what I expected him to say.
  207. Kneeling carefully on the platform with her skirts spread around her, Camilla took a deep breath and lowered her head.
  208. The wind gales became so intense that the cellar doors shook and rattled and the hinges began to work loose.
  209. "Decisions, decisions," thought Peter, "the Poacher or the Peacock".
  210. I'm a pawn between you and your brother and I'm tired of playing your childish games.
  211. To any child who has a modicum of sense or intelligence a clown is a very frightening character.
  212. Days and weeks of faces he can't remember and names that slip from his grasp.
  213. He was bored, which was odd, because in a few days time, he and his team would be heading out on another dangerous and covert mission.
  214. It was a prize that nobody wanted.
  215. The Whaui Chin sheathed his weapon and waited.
  216. He screamed, the sound starting loudly and continuing to get higher.
  217. The Girl Scout looked at Bryan and stuck out her tongue.
  218. The man with no name remembered who he was.
  219. He had that dangerous kind of zeal.
  220. Do you think they've left the house yet?
  221. Michael the bright blue beetle skateboarded down the side of the bath.
  222. Everyone loved him, except for me.
  223. "A packet of cigarettes please, and a bottle of vodka."
  224. Black bulbous pots steaming in the heat held who knew what.
  225. I used a tactic Jack had taught me, and before he knew what had hit him, John was laying flat on his back, looking up at me from the floor, his grey eyes wide with shock and disbelief.
  226. "The security is likely to include heat sensitive triggers, keypad entry, handprint locks, and multiple guards -- good luck!"
  227. The floorboards began to creak in the bedsit above.
  228. Smiling he turned and walked away.
  229. It was time for a major reality check.
  230. Pain and tiredness making everything seem obscure and twisted.
  231. The boy watched from the pavement, he would never forget this moment.
  232. The phone rang just after midnight.
  233. Sergeant Kevin O'Malley sat back in his chair, idly punching the keyboard in front of him as he perused the latest supply requisitions.
  234. Panic is a good start.
  235. The kiss was deeper and smokier than the first, but no less fine.
  236. For a moment time stood still and I just stared at him, the man wearing black.
  237. David shook with fear as he heard the hiss of the hypodermic needle.
  238. The 5 elderly ladies sitting down for their biannual dinner glanced sidelong at their unexpected guest, until the eldest, but not necessarily the bravest, cracked and asked...
  239. She bit him on the shoulder and drew blood.
  240. At least fifteen people were injured in the crash.
  241. He'd been in dozens of prisons over the years, and he had survived or escaped from them all, this man who defied authority even now on his deathbed when he refused to give them the information they required.
  242. The things that look good are more likely to be the most lethal.
  243. She watched the fires below spreading further in each direction, destroying the forest in its patch.
  244. "Can you please keep still whilst I'm trying to kill you," whispered the motley glad man.
  245. The cowboy slouched into his saddle in despair; he hated horses and guns, why hadn't he listened to his father and become an account.
  246. The journey was both uncomfortable and cold and Blair gazed out of the window in dismay.
  247. His palms were sweating, despite the cooling temperature of the fading day, and he tried wiping them on his trousers, which were already stained with mud, grass and blood.
  248. He hoped he wasn't suffocating the touch telepath with his emotions, he tried to rein them in.
  249. And I watched as the beach lit up again and again with the flames of brightly burning fires.
  250. The exit ports of the prison space ship, opened.
  251. Skateboards without rocket power are so passé.
  252. "All I'm saying is that sometimes we protect those we're close to, even when they've hurt us."
  253. The day is marked by the escalation of practical jokes, japes and hoaxes.
  254. Dying, she could hear the sounds of the birds outside.
  255. Some people are useless when it comes to organisation.
  256. He found himself making comparisons, cataloguing differences, both good and bad.
  257. My slave had been purchased at the tri-monthly slave auction on Gauda Prime.
  258. Some people aren't the lonely kind.
  259. It was words left unsaid that threatened to derail his life.
  260. They had every right to dance with each other.
  261. There could be such beauty, and comfort in the silences.
  262. He soon lost track of time and despaired of ever being forgiven.
  263. He was as smooth as a satin lined coffin and nearly as self indulgent.
  264. The gathering slowly moved widdershins around the central couple.
  265. She sparkled under the attention of a handsome man, but made a point of being charming to every one of her guests, however unattractive they might be.
  266. The never ending ticking of the clock echoed through the empty house.
  267. The gun had been in the drawer all along.
  268. Terror can taste so very sweet.
  269. The queen sat on her throne and read the tabloid newspapers.
  270. He glanced at the paints before him, what colour should he use to portray fear?
  271. Par m'zan was cheesed off.
  272. The British way of life appealed to me in so many ways.
  273. There were moments when he let the memories creep in, memories of other nights.
  274. Jackie stared unblinkingly into the yellow eyes of the beast, she knew if she took her gaze away for one second then it would attack.
  275. A thick black belt covered his waist, hanging from which was a variety of keys and sharp implements, which clinked and clanked as he moved through the building.
  276. One suggestion made was they start tunnelling under the silo.
  277. For some strange reason the coffin was securely closed with thick chains.
  278. Blue and green, the colours of the sea unless at it's most dangerous.
  279. Our time of mourning for the marriage was long past.
  280. Half wild sheep grazed along the banks of the river.
  281. There was nothing complicated about it, it was after all the easiest thing in the world to get away with.
  282. "Sassenach," was the last thing I heard as darkness took me down.
  283. They knew this would be their biggest test.
  284. The concept of time.
  285. A dwarf stepped from behind one of the mirrors and pulled on his trouser leg.
  286. He was always punctual but not today.
  287. John sat back in the pilot's seat and just enjoyed the silence.
  288. "Come on, come on, answer the phone," the blonde tapped his fingers agitatedly against the desk as the phone continued to ring at the other end.
  289. They reminded her of long Indian summer evenings, of blankets in the grass and the haze of good wine and even better company.
  290. They left the suburbs for their annual holiday in a seaside boarding house.
  291. Silence implying sound.
  292. He was alive and preparing for one final battle.
  293. The New Deliverance Centre dealt in exorcisms of the body only.
  294. Among the remains of a fine Christmas Eve meal, wine goblets and empty plates.
  295. He wanted to appear calm, collected, in control of himself, he didn't want to seem weak at all.
  296. It was buried into the side of a hill to protect it from bombing.
  297. In the doorway stood a very familiar figure.
  298. She woke up in a cold sweat, wondering what the time was, yet again her cat was trying to get out and a sense of dread came down upon her.
  299. We found thirteen bodies these last three months and every week another dead kid turned up in a deserted alley.
  300. Annabel walked further into the wood until she found the old tree waiting for her, the door in its trunk ajar as she knew it would be.
  301. Death is surprisingly pleasant when you're a vampire.
  302. Even the Sandman deserves a night off once in a while, he was going to make the most of it.
  303. The moon really is cheese but only on a Tuesday.
  304. He must have heard me because he turns around.
  305. "Sorry, there will be a short delay in our journey due to there being a dead kangaroo on the bus."
  306. She was only five minutes drive away from where he lived.
  307. "Typical," I thought, "why is it that people think by pushing you into a corner of a crowded train that they can make you lose weight!"
  308. Sam was proclaimed Dictator for life.
  309. Tall, blonde and handsome, what more could you ask for?
  310. When will it end, this long day sent?
  311. She learnt to click her heels.
  312. Sixty-two-year-old Eva Price needed the second job to support her grandchildren.
  313. Ellie, the would be punk, sipped her Boston Blue cocktail as she contemplated her black fingernails.
  314. "Of course," he echoed, still processing everything that was happening through the layers and layers of drugs in his dulled system.
  315. From Loughborough Junction to Camberwell Green was a short and interesting journey by bus.
  316. "This is the day that the birds choose their mates and I choose you, if I'm not too late, and if you'll let her go."
  317. She woke with a start, the damp of the ground having crept into her bones and making her ache.
  318. If you're coming down with a fever, you'd better make sure you stay away from me.
  319. The door was levered open to reveal the room's secrets.
  320. Soft candlelight flickered gently, bathing them both in its warm glow.
  321. "Tailor made voices," advertised the Martian billboard.
  322. As they dug deeper the shovel hit against something.
  323. The orc fastened his ice skates, "I am Christopher Dean", he thought.
  324. Dace honed his swords thinking of the fun to come.
  325. He felt like an old man, stretching to ease the discomfort of the journey.
  326. My unsexy shoes led to the argument.
  327. The demon ticked of one more item on the agenda.
  328. Finkelstein was an odd orc; he collected butterflies instead of heads.
  329. He stalked and fixated on the girls before taking things too far.
  330. The mix of adrenaline and curiosity kept his mind away from maudlin thoughts.
  331. He slipped from between the sheets and taking one last look at his beloved, he left the room and his life behind him.
  332. Actually, if this were a fairy tale, it would probably be a lot more sinister.
  333. For a moment time stood still and I just stared back at him, that man wearing black with the blue blue eyes.
  334. It's the height of summer, something John forgets.
  335. The press went into a meltdown over the stabbing.
  336. Harry was a pirate, oh not your normal 'make them walk the plank' type of pirate that had once sailed the seas -- nope Harry was, in his view, an extraordinary pirate.
  337. The sensation of thousands of needles dragging across her skin temporarily distracted her from the very real and immediate need to get to the surface.
  338. The waves ebbed around her feet as she waved him goodbye.
  339. She stood in front of the washing powder shelves. She chewed her lip nervously as she tried to decide which to buy.
  340. She looked older, centuries older than the last time I'd been to the house.
  341. Opening his eyes, the kid stared out of the window; "I can't go home, so if you'll just drop me off at the library, I'd appreciate it".
  342. He opened his eyes and slowly looking up, he saw a pair of long black leather boots.
  343. William simply smiled and turned away.
  344. He pulled back for a second, wicked blue eyes staring up, swollen lips twisted into a tolerant smile.
  345. The assembly gathered around the great open room glared at the stranger.
  346. The bright and very vivacious Beryl knelt by the brook waiting for her beau to join her.
  347. John smiled as they met for the last time.
  348. In Nottinghamshire it is a well known fact that broad beans grow the wrong way up, why is this you ask -- well it's a long story, and it took place a very long time ago -- what happened was...
  349. He looks behind her, where part of the sky has just exploded.
  350. Everyone agreed to keep the secret.
  351. Lewis sighed in exasperation as another cold case landed on his desk.
  352. Having buckled on the last piece of her armour she turned to look at herself in the mirror, an unknown being looked back at her, hair long and white, armour mirrored black and scarlet.
  353. Alexander looked upon Vespasian and smiled.
  354. The Saracens were butch and they knew it.
  355. "I worship at your alter, Milady."
  356. As I sat in the dark intimate bar, listening to Dino, the door burst open.
  357. Ooga Booga the evil gorilla stretched out one hand towards her.
  358. Kabuki, the grey and obsequious Gong master, knelt on the floor at the assassin's feet.
  359. The photograph disturbed her.
  360. Rodney smiled and leaned closer.
  361. Although Sandra had died some months before, Bill knew that she was waiting for him to join her.
  362. Ted, the temperate space pirate, smoked a cheroot and pondered.
  363. The floorboards were dark-stained wood covered by a blue and red rug, lying in the centre of the room.
  364. Even when they went off world he found himself trailing behind Edwin, always doing as he was told, and never thinking for himself.
  365. He had what he wanted, and he didn't want any bad memories to ruin it.
  366. The leader of the gang was Sydney the Dyslexic Hedgehog.
  367. I had to force myself to drink blonde as they'd run out of brown.
  368. The room is dark, the air heavy and still as he shifts over on his side.
  369. I knew that the car was following me.
  370. Old habits die hard as Josh knew well.
  371. I had to force myself to drink blonde when really I wanted brunette, but I was told that they'd run out.
  372. Larry walked down the beach with his brothers, he tightened the grip on his tie before reaching into his pocket.
  373. The whole year that we had been together, he'd never allowed me to leave the city.
  374. Warm and thick, and tad overwhelming and not at all what he had been expecting.
  375. Howling was heard from the skies as the Cwn Annwyn, the Welsh Hounds of the Underworld, were let loose again.
  376. Of all the times for a reunion, this was definitely not it.
  377. Sam walked up the hill keeping his eyes on the figure hanging from the structure erected there.
  378. The darkness crept in around us, like a predatory animal circling its prey.
  379. Fast and slow and there are days the sun never rises, and the moon no longer shines and they are waiting for rescue.
  380. He was an intimidating person and no-one dare go near him.
  381. Nobody knew when the club was built that its name would resound through music history.
  382. The sword slid in with consummate ease.
  383. They moved through the room like ships through ice.
  384. The end of her sentence was reinforced by the sharp click of weaponry.
  385. She woke up in a cold sweat wondering what the time was, yet again her cat was trying to get out and a sense of dread came down upon her.
  386. How does a legend begin?
  387. She found the man with no memory on the beach and took him in.
  388. Unlike normal fishing boats this was one painted a bright canary yellow.
  389. The word was like the crack of a whip.
  390. The photo of the llama brought forth some interesting memories for John.
  391. The spaghetti curled around his fork as he softly sucked it in.
  392. The clock's ticking echoed through the empty house.
  393. Watching him made John dizzy.
  394. Tony smiled as she told him that vampires could be cowboys.
  395. Stretching, he put his feet up on his desk and smiled faintly at Alex.
  396. She was a freeloader, always had been, always would be but it normally took her friends some time to realise this.
  397. The coffee was excellent but Rodney wasn't prepared to do just anything for it.
  398. I see, feel, taste, and touch everything inside you, you're mine, and later, you'll be his as well.
  399. Pale and silent, he felt as if he were a ghost walking unseen amongst the living.
  400. The undercover car they had been assigned was tomato red and white.
  401. Mark blushed as his voice became more highly pitched as each moment passed.
  402. She missed the last train.
  403. Children born in the middle of winter are thought to bring bad luck to their families, Sheelagh was one such child.
  404. The jungle had just swallowed him up, leaving no trace of his passing.
  405. The cold brick of the wall at his back began to leech his body warmth from him and he shivered uncontrollably.
  406. It was the shift and whisper of leaves high overhead that haunted their senses and reminded them of days gone by.
  407. People weren't wrong when they called rock and roll the devil's music.
  408. "I nicked you some green tea and ginseng."
  409. She squelched as she crept through the doorway into her underground hovel.
  410. The thick darkness of the night lifted to show the devastation wrought below by the beast.
  411. Ethelred spotted the gleam from the river bed, stopping down he dipped his hand in to try and catch what was there.
  412. Last night I heard the wolves howling again.
  413. Enough blood had been spilled on his behalf and he felt truly damned.
  414. We are young girls grown old.
  415. "Would they notice Potassium Cyanide?"
  416. The giants slowly climbed the hill towards the colonial properties.

— Reproduced with kind permission from Marvin Close and Nicolette Ward.

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