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Website Plans: Content

Website Plans
  • Overview – The starting point for documentation about our plans for the website.

    • Introduction
    • Terminology
    • Document structure
  • Strategy – Details of our strategy for developing the website.

    • Evolution over revolution
    • IT and joined-up data
  • Your input We want your help. This is your website; we value your ideas and feedback.

    • What are we looking for?
    • How to send us your ideas.
  • Schedule – When things are going to happen. Time scales, as far as we are able to estimate them.

  • Participation – A website where you get to take part, rather than passively absorb information, will be more fun and productive. We have plans to make this happen.

    • Communication
    • Members-only areas
    • Interaction
    • Contribution
  • Facilities – Plans for the website in terms of functionality, useful tools and other applications.

    • Social media integration
    • Directory of writing groups
    • On-line competitions
    • Link magazine
  • Features – Plans for the behavioural and technical aspects of the site.

    • Privacy & security
    • People database
    • Articles & editing

      • Temporal content
      • Markdown for content
      • Automatic TOC generation
    • PayPal integration
  • Content – Plans for what articles, pages and other information to have on the site. Examples: news, information, events, competitions, products and services.

    • Material

      • Revamp "who is NAWG?" area
    • Organisation
  • Presentation – Plans for improvements and additions to the way the site appears, e.g. its layout, styling and navigation.

    • Layout
    • Style
    • Navigation
  • Management – Plans to improve the operational aspects of the site, i.e. the way it's run and maintained, and the way we respond to communications.

    • Operations & procedures
    • Who does what?

Some of the above titles are hyperlinks.

Click for more detailed documentation.

More will become links as things evolve.

By *content*, we mean the actual text, images and other media that make up the material for display on the site.

Plans for how we present the material, such as layouts, colour schemes and other styling are not covered here, but in a separate document.


    What information do we want to include on the site?
    How do we organise it to make it easy to find?

We plan to answer these questions here and, of course, listen to *your* ideas and feedback.

#### Material

Below are some ideas for what material to add.

##### Writers' Resources

A new category of articles, providing writers with useful material to help with their craft.

##### Revamp of "Who is NAWG?" Area

The [Who is NAWG?](/?cat=15) area of the website is out of date and not particularly user-friendly. We plan to replace this with a revamped interface, based on a centralised "people" database.

The database is described in more detail in the [features](/?p=210) document but, in summary, we'll be displaying information about the following:

  * NAWG president and patrons.
  * Board of trustees, committee members and executive officers.
  * Volunteers and regular associates.

For each person concerned, we plan to display a mini-biography, together with contact details (subject to privacy requirements) and photographs.

Further down the line, we may extend the database to include a wider range of people associated with NAWG.

##### Writing Tips

Build a collection of writers' tips, based on our own readers' feedback.
This would be along the lines of:

    *Problem >> Diagnosis >> Solutions >> Comments*

If we get enough in the collection, then there could be scope for producing a book.

Thanks to **Oliver** for this suggestion.

#### Organisation

Ideas on how to organise the site's content.

  * Categories.
  * Tags.
  * Other?
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