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Children's Book Writers Needed

The 6–9 year old child, with a reading age of 2 years above their actual age, struggles trying to find enjoyable books that match their reading ability as these books are Adult or Young Adult and the content is more often than not inappropriate ie horror, sexual references, swearing, drug taking, drinking and smoking. Additionally, at this stage of reading, children are usually "flying" and read novels really quickly using their new found talent as much as they can. If they can't find suitable books, it is at this stage that they start to give up!

These children are called "Good Readers".

I intend to build a library of Good Reader novels, for e-readers only, to sell to my target market of 16,000+, so what I need are books that contain the difficult words, grammar and length of sentence that a Good Reader needs BUT to be written for a 6–9 year old's psyche.

For example, fairy stories that last for a whole novel, adventures and mysteries that contain very little violence, mild horror that is easily resolved and relationship stories that don't involve kissing!!!

I expect to commission hundreds of these books from Children's Writers who are not published because they are new to the field and am accepting requests for commissions now.

Please check my website: www.goodreaders.co.uk

— Joy Fenttiman Vaughan

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