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Editorial Policy

  1. Link magazine and other NAWG publications embody the ethos of being "about writing, by writers, for writers".
  2. Submitted material shall not be libellous or defamatory to any individual, organisation or other entity in any way. Any material deemed to be so shall not be published by NAWG.
  3. The rights of contributors to express themselves freely will be respected as long as they do not conflict with point 2 above and all other relevant statements of NAWG editorial policy.
  4. The opinions of contributors published by NAWG do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation itself, its Board of Trustees, Committee members, member groups or individuals.
  5. Submissions shall be the authors' own original work. Should the work of other authors be quoted then it is the individual contributor's responsibility to ensure that necessary permissions have been sought and where required, permission fees paid.
  6. Link magazine will publish fiction in the form of occasional Fiction Specials. Generally speaking, fiction will not form the bulk of regular editions of Link. However extracts used as part of an article or letter can be included. Where such extracts represent the work of other authors necessary permissions etc. (as in point 5 above) must have been obtained.
  7. Jokes and cartoons and other illustrative devices (which could be construed as fiction) may be included in Link articles. Again, it is the author's responsibility to seek permission for their use as necessary.
  8. The Editor of Link reserves the right to shorten or otherwise edit contributions to the magazine where space is an issue, but shall not make changes for any other reason without the contributor's prior consent.
  9. Submissions may be sent by post or e-mail. If by post send to:

    Link Editor, NAWG
    65 Riverside Mead
    PE2 8JN

    If by e-mail, send to editor@nawg.co.uk. Please do not send your work as attachments, but paste the text into the body of the email. Note that while e-mailed submissions will not be given priority, they are much easier to process than paper-based material, which either has to be typed into the computer or scanned and processed. With that in mind e-mailed submissions wherever possible will be very much appreciated.

  10. Submissions for publication by NAWG will not be returned, so contributors are advised to make sure they keep copies of their material. Acknowledgement of receipt of material will be made if:
    1. Paper submissions are accompanied by a SAE.
    2. Email submissions carry a "read receipt" request.
  11. Please keep articles as short as possible, ideally 250—300 words. Longer pieces may have to be split into sections to fit into Link's format.
  12. The decision of the Editor of Link to reject or modify submissions that are accepted is final, though such a decision will be made in line with point 8 above. Apart from this, no correspondence will be entered into.
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