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Members' Competition Results 2013

Results of the NAWG 2013 Writing Competitions

Shortlisted names are listed in alphabetical order, the winner was revealed during the Gala Dinner at the 2013 NAWG Writing Festival, University of Warwick. Full details below, and will be published in the next e-Newsletter and in Link.

Open Poetry
  • Ann Hamblen; Guernsey Grandmother
  • Derek Miller; Away from Me
  • Lesley James; The Ladder-Back Chair
  • Josh Williams; No. 83
  • Christine Jean Allen; My Life is …

And the winner was . . . Ann Hamblen.

  • Barry J N Adams; Reflections by the River
  • Maggie Davison; Coal
  • Lesley James; Nan's Old Nets
  • Elizabeth Parish; Nevermore
  • Stuart Randall; The Pentrich Revolution

And the winner was . . . Elizabeth Parish.

Poem for Children
  • Catherine Anne Norman; Exhibit in Manchester Museum
  • Christine Lowes; Dragon's Breath
  • Mary Elizabeth Lowther; Fred
  • Sylvia Smith; Lily's Busy Day

And the winner was . . . Catherine Anne Norman.

Poem by Children
  • Chloe Humphreys; When an Old Face Returns
  • Imogen Murton; The Magic Box
  • Ethan Sehmbhy; Diamond Head
  • Erin Steward; The Holly Tree
  • Isabel Murton; Hunters in the Snow
  • Minakshi Cook; Don't Do This. Don't Do That.

And the winner was . . . Imogen Murton.

Ghost Story
  • Ken Baker; Stopover
  • Lesley Mace; Released
  • Heather Ann Russell; Hitch-Hiker
  • Jill Fricker; Shadows and Fog
  • Bob Bishop; Sweet Nell
  • Yvonne Jacqueline Higgins; Settling a Score
  • Janet Wadsworth; The Cottage

And the winner was . . . Jill Fricker.

Short Story with Given Sentences
  • Orian Norfolk; The Gardener's Story
  • Eleanor Rose Powell; Shared
  • Helen Jane Somers; The Ark
  • Josh Williams; The Daydream of Dr Willets

And the winner was . . . Eleanor Rose Powell.

Crime Short Story
  • Heather Ann Russell; Guilt
  • Jo Sadler; Bonjour Traintesse
  • John C Saynor; Getting the Picture
  • Hayley Staniforth-Room (Harry Leigh); A Fine Line
  • Lynne C Potter; Steaming
  • Helen Jane Somers; Adios
  • Carol Hurley; The Hand

And the winner was . . . Hayley Staniforth-Room (Harry Leigh).

Picture Book Text
  • Averil Mary Farrar; Pond Dipping
  • Jane Martin; Jessie's Queen
  • Shelagh Wain; Grandma's Knees
  • Neil Robinson; The Lonely Alien
  • Bob Bishop; Tuppence Tulliver
  • Anne Steward; The Magic Door

And the winner was . . . Jane Martin.

Ten Minute Play
  • Bob Bishop; The Next Table
  • Guy Warren Farrish; Dreaming
  • David Hamilton; Shylings
  • Sylvia Smith; Duty Calls

And the winner was . . Bob Bishop.

Short List
  • Deal Writers; Tidelines.
  • Llanelli Writers Circle; Athena, Tales from Wales.
  • Merryoaks Writers; Pebbles in the Stream.
  • Wotton Writers Group; Writing on the Edge.
Long List
  • Harlow Writers' Workshop; Finding Our Voice.
  • Hastings Writers' Group; Strandline.
  • Walsham Writers' Group; I'll Show you Mine…

And the winner was . . . Wotton Writers Group; Writing on the Edge.

Also announced at the Gala Dinner, University of Warwick, 31st August 2013 were the runners up and winner of the…


The winner was Carole Ann Smith – pseudonym Blue Car.

Runners Up
  • Bella Beechcroft
  • Jayne Winters
  • Catherine Taylor

Names still to be revealed. (As I forgot to note them down on the night - please email me)

Did you have a go at Pam's People's Competition?

Pam's People's Competition

This was a competition of short prose to win a "Critique" by one of our expert writers. The winner can choose from our list of writers ready to critique members work, to the value of £40. This will launch the service offered by NAWG to all members. I asked for something that would make me laugh, make me cry or would impress me by its word power and the beautiful words of…

"Godhuli" by Maria J. Nelson-Langford certainly did that, but only after great deliberation. Giving me the winner.

We had 48 entries which was terrific and heart-warming; very supportive of our ventures. Many asked if this could become an annual event for the summer. I see no reason not to do this again next year. I had hoped to judge this myself but with the festival looming, I had very little time and so I asked committee member and short story writer, Maria O'Sullivan to judge them for me to the short list. Godhuli, an emotive description of godhuli – the "cow dust hour" at the fort of Amar Bagh in the Thar Desert. "Along the narrow spit of land that divided the lake in two, villagers were bringing home their hump-backed cattle, dust raised by their plodding feet hanging like a pink cloud on the still air." And – "Suddenly the sun, a gigantic lemon balloon, disappeared as though pulled by an unseen hand to the far side of the world."

Others shortlisted were…

The Bicycle by M.E.Gardner; a simple story of the wishing for and stealing of bicycle, nicely leading to feelings of guilt from doing it. This made me smile, as did…

Vanilla Salt by Hayley Staniforth-Room (alter-ego Harry Leigh) which is a poignant story of a much loved Grandmother.

Night Shift by Sylvia Rowley; sums up in these few words, the sadness of old age. It was written with a great insight into the problems that old age can bring and it made me cry! But after great deliberation I chose the beautiful words of "Godhuli".

All of these short stories are featured in The Write Path 2014, published in October 2014.

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