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Website Shortcomings

This article lists the shortcomings with the NAWG web site, present and past. If you find any more, then please let us know by leaving a comment below, or by adding a comment to the ideas article.

Current Shortcomings

None known – other than those already documented or being worked on.

Shortcomings Prior to Release 2.4.1

On 26-Nov-2013, Kevin Machin created this list. The following issues were identified and are listed in no particular order:

  • General:
    • Many pages on the site are very "busy" and it's not clear which information is important.
    • The presentation style is rather "long hand", which means you have to do a lot of reading to get the information. Other techniques such as bullet points may be more effective.
  • Home page:
    • A rather confusing barrage of information.
    • Repeated information, e.g. competitions also appear in "latest updates" section.
  • Competitions area:
    • No highlighting of closing dates.
    • Mixture of styles make it difficult to read, therefore hard to extract information.
  • Link magazine area:
    • The layout seems a bit haphazard. I wasn't sure where to look next.
  • Writers' groups directory:
    • This requires way too much scrolling and badly needs some hierarchy.
    • Improved navigation within the directory would be a great improvement.
  • Navigation:
    • Sometimes hard to determine how to navigate.
    • Inconsistent navigation tools over different pages, e.g. no menus on home page, nor "who is NAWG" page.
  • Hierarchy:
    • Not obvious to the user. Information seems scattered around the site.
  • There's often repeated information that could be presented on separate pages, e.g:
    • The footer/site map which I think has far too much presence for something possibly infrequently used.
    • The patrons list.
  • Bits and pieces:
    • Adverts, "widgets" and other side-bar items are inconsistently displayed.
    • The "Berforts Information Press" info is almost unreadable (on my small screen, anyway) due to a minute typeface.
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