Festival 2014: Workshops

Saturday Morning 9.30am - 11.30am Choose one from five:
  1. Tim Wilson/Jude Morgan Make It Vivid: Give your Writing the Wow Factor  (TW-Sat-01) Agents and publishers often find the problem with submissions is not bad writing but dull writing. This workshop will show you how to make your writing stand out from the crowd.
  2. Maggie Harris Poetry for Beginners: Inspiration, Ideas & Focus (MH-Sat-01) Poetry today can seem confusing, making it difficult for beginners to know if what they are writing is 'good enough', or find they're lacking inspiration, or knowing how to take their writing forward. This workshop will introduce you to different forms of poetry, offer inspiration from the unexpected, and ways of developing your ideas.
  3. Jane Wenham-Jones with David Nobbs: Joint workshop Comedy in narrative – How to Grab an Audience. (JWJ&DN-Sat-01) We will give some pointers and invite you to write the first sequence of a play, sitcom or novel, which we can all then discuss.
  4. Veronica Heley Murder  One; Where to start? (VH-Sat-01) Crime is at the top of the best seller list. We will pick different genres and explore their potential. Publishers like to be offered a series – how to create one. We will look at readership, and the different markets. How to plot, how to research and how to keep up the tension.
  5. Paul Dodgson Introduction to Memoir writing. (PD-Sat-01) Our lives are a tapestry of interlocked stories.  In this workshop we will explore ways to interrogate our memory and write stories down so they have the most impact on readers.
Saturday Afternoon 3.15pm- 5.15pm Choose one from six:
  1. Tim Wilson/Jude Morgan Bringing People to Life: Character In Fiction. (TW-Sat-02) This workshop will concentrate on techniques for making all your fictional characters, major and minor, leap off the page.
  2. Maggie Harris Write On: Running poetry workshops in a writers group. (MH-Sat-02) Maggie Harris has been running poetry workshops for The Write Women Poetry group for over twenty years. The group has produced anthologies and performed their work in public. This workshop will offer ideas for writing within a group, through exercises and examples, and offer ways of giving positive feedback, critique and evaluation.
  3. Veronica Heley Murder  One; Who’s talking? (VH-Sat-02) Whether you choose a police procedural, say, or a gentle cosy crime, you need to present characters that the reader can happily spend time with.  Multi points of view are fashionable but have their drawbacks. Characterisation and setting are all important, whichever genre you choose. Tips for writing good dialogue. 
  4. Jane Wenham-Jones How to write and sell short stories. (JWJ-Sat-02) Novelist Jane Wenham-Jones has published over a hundred short stories and has judged many competitions.This session will look at writing successful short stories for women's magazines, the competition circuit and other markets. Including generating ideas, writing a gripping first paragraph and how to catch the judge's or editor's eye. Please bring a copy of the magazine you'd like to write for, if applicable.
  5. Judi Goodwin Unleash Your Writing Power. (JG-Sat-02) This workshop will help you unblock the barriers and learn how access your creativity.  We’ll play fun exercises and games to help you tap into your subconscious. And you’ll discover why sometimes, the harder you try, the more difficult writing can be. You’ll pick up techniques that can be applied to any type of writing. So come and explore skills you may never have realised you have.
  6. Marvin Close Exploring the art of lyric writing I. (MC-Sat-02) This first workshop will look at how to shape stories and narrative in your lyrics.
Sunday Morning 9.30am - 11.30am Choose one from five:
  1. Tim Wilson/Jude Morgan Editing: How to Kill your Darlings Kindly. (TW-Sun-01) Editing your own work needn't be a chore. This workshop will show you how to revise your work and still love it.
  2. Maggie Harris Love, Sex & Serious Stuff in Poetry. (MH-Sun-01) How do we prevent ourselves from being over-sentimental or worse,  creating cringe-making verse when writing about love and sex? How do we write about disaster without appearing trite? This workshop will offer examples of writing for discussion, and include exercises to sharpen our awareness as critical writers.
  3. Veronica Heley Murder  One; Presenting the package. (VH-Sun-01) Making a submission, the first page, the first sentence and the synopsis. Putting in the back story.  Humour. The blurb and suggestions for the cover.
  4. Jane Wenham-Jones with David Nobbs: Joint workshop Comedy in narrative – How to Grab an Audience. (JWJ&DN-Sat-01) We will give some pointers and invite you to write the first sequence of a play, sitcom or novel, which we can all then discuss.
  5. Paul Dodgson Instant Radio Comedy, (PD-Sun-01) In this action packed two hours you will work collaboratively to create a brand new radio comedy sketch show that you will read though at the end of the session.  You will write quickly and without time to edit.  And there will be laughter.
Sunday Afternoon 1.45pm - 3.15pm Choose one from six:
  1. Tim Wilson/Jude Morgan Approaching Agents and Publishers: Dos And Don'ts. (TW-Sun-02) The initial approach is all-important, and this workshop will show you how best to maximise your chances when seeking publication.
  2. Maggie Harris Crossing Genres: From Poetry to Prose. (MH-Sun-02) After publishing three collections of poetry, Maggie Harris wrote Kiskadee Girl, a memoir of growing up in the Caribbean. The challenges of a long work of prose, research, shaping and form, were both different and similar to composing a poem. She will talk about the artistic challenges she faced, and include writing exercises during the workshop.
  3. Veronica Heley Murder  One; How to make your name. (VH-Sun-02) Marketing and the media are largely now the province of writers, not publishers. Consider the pros and cons of e-books, Facebook, Twitter, and the blog. The importance of a good website. A group website has great potential.
  4. Paul Dodgson Radio Writing. (PD-Sun-02) BBC Radio 4 is committed to commissioning 40 play a year by writers new to the network.  In this workshop we will unlock some of the secrets of radio drama, what makes a good play and what you need to do to get noticed.
  5. Judi Goodwin Writing with Pictures and Passion. (JG-Sun-02) (or UNLEASH YOUR WRITING POWER PART 2) A session to help you bring your story to life. Do your readers want mere words and information?  Or do they want to see, hear, touch and feel the experiences and emotions of you and/or your characters.  It is often the fine details that give your story conviction and authenticity. So whether you’re tackling, fiction or life writing, learn how to create a page-turner and have your readers hanging on to your every word.
  6. Marvin Close Exploring the art of lyric writing II. (MC-Sun-02) The second workshop will give advice and tips on creating killer choruses and hooks in your song words. Both will be eminently practical sessions. Marvin will have his guitar with him to help create and shape music around your words on the day.

These are the workshops that need to be booked when you fill in your Booking Form.

Notes for some workshops.

  1. Jane Wenham-Jones with David Nobbs: Joint workshop Both, Saturday and Saturday Morning. Comedy in narrative – How to Grab an Audience. This workshop is repeated – only book for either Saturday or Sunday, not both.
  2. Veronica Heley's workshops. Please note: If you book for Veronica’s workshops she has offered to look at delegates' work beforehand if it deals with crime. She would like to see page l only, double spaced, together with a one page synopsis, also double spaced. When you attend the workshop it will give her a really good idea of what you need to learn to develop as a writer. Veronica may be contacted on: www.veronicaheley.com http://blog.veronicaheley.com/ Please do not take advantage of this offer unless you have secured a place for one of Veronica’s workshops. Note also that this is not a requirement for attending.
  3. Marvin Close For participants who may be keen on lyric writing but have little musical background, Marvin will be happy to help and send music out to them, prior to the festival. So, for those who have signed up for these sessions you may contact Marvin by email during the month of August. marvinjohn@btinternet.com Please do not use this generous offer unless you have a place on the course.
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