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Festival 2015: Details

Please note that the information given here relates to a previous event.

You can visit our NAWGFest main page for the latest information.

Selected Highlights

  • In a change to the original schedule, there was a welcome reception by Lady Emma & Lord Julian Fellowes. Please see the festival activities for details.
  • Our after-dinner speaker was Lynne HacklesThe £2 that Changed My Life.
  • Authors who sold books at the festival had the opportunity to provide a five minute meet the author slot. A chance to read from their books.

Festival Venue

Following the success of the 2014 festival, the 2015 festival was held at the University of Warwick.

Festival Courses

There were twenty-three workshops, not including the extra activities. They are listed in the festival courses article.

Festival Activities

In addition to the main courses and lectures, there were a wide variety of additional activities delegates took part in. Details are shown in the festival activities article.

Festival Tutors

Here's a quick list of the tutors for the 2015 festival:

  • Aimee Bell
  • Julie Bokowiec
  • Steve Bowkett
  • Marvin Close
  • Paul Dodgson
  • Della Galton
  • Veronica Heley
  • James Nash
  • Talli Roland
  • Adam Strickson
  • Tim Wilson

Full details including photos and mini-biographies are given in the festival tutors article.

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